Because kids matter to God!
What Matters Most to God … and to Awana?
Young people hold a special place in Jesus' heart. He created them. He sacrificed His life for their sins. He longs for them to know, love and serve Him. He desires to spend eternity with them. His kingdom belongs to such as these.

That's why kids matter so deeply to Awana. As a worldwide ministry, we believe that Jesus is the answer to every child's needs, particularly for salvation. Awana programs and materials have been carefully crafted to help churches clearly and consistently communicate the good news of Christ and His plan for their lives, as expressed in His Word, each week of the Awana year, and to build a biblical foundation that helps them follow Christ through adulthood.
For preschoolers
For K through 2nd grade
For 3rd through 6th grade
Our Awana program meets in our gym and academy every Wednesday night from 6:30 – 8:15 P.M. Awana offers children from 3-years-old to 6th grade an awesome night of fun, scripture memory, games, and Bible lessons. We strive to get kids excited about learning God's Word by making it fun relevant to their lives.

Awana is divided up into three different age groups to better meet your child's needs:
Literature course for people who can't live without books
You will study English Literature, an introduction to key aspects central to the study of English Literature. You will also choose an option course from another subject area.